This is the exciting true story of a female American Indian hunter and warrior named Running Eagle. When her parents died she was thrown into the role of breadwinner for her siblings. She rose to a leadership role through her cunning, tenacity, and bravery, both as a hunter and warrior.

Running EagleStory: This book tells the story of Running Eagle, a female member of the Piegan tribe. Born in the late 1700s, she lived her exciting life in the region that would become Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Running Eagle, who was born Brown Weasel Woman, became a hunter and warrior early in her life when the death of her parents made her head of her family. In order to provide for her lodge, she asked a widow to take care of her young siblings while she hunted for food and furs. In time she also fought members of enemy tribes, where she appeared to be fearless. She became known for her cunning acts and feats of bravery during battle.

Running Eagle Running Eagle also became known for stealing horses from other tribes. Like Woman War Chief, Running Eagle also met Jim Beckwourth, who lived a short time with her clan. By then the Piegan had became part of the Blackfoot Nation. She became one of the most famous women in Blackfoot history, often remembered for her vision quest to a unique waterfall in northern Montana. The tribe named the waterfall after her and to this day the area is called Running Eagle Falls.

In this book you will explore the traditions of the Piegan people and the Blackfoot Nation, along with the struggles these Native Americans experience when fur trappers and traders encroached on their territory. The printed book includes black & white photos of 14 period paintings by Charles Marion Russell, Alfred Jacob Miller, and Joseph Henry Sharp, along with a drawing of Jim Beckwourth by his biographer.

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The trailer includes paintings by Charles M Russell and Joseph Henry Sharp.
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                    Painting above: The Buffalo Hunt by Charles M Russell


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