Learn how the Comanche made their way to the southern Plains, how the Parkers moved from Illinois to Texas only to have one of their forts attacked by Comanche, how Quanah Parker became a representative for the Comanche, and how the Texas Rangers & US Cavalry fought the Natives to protect the White settlers moving into Texas.

Comanche ChiefStory: This book not only covers the movements of various American Indian tribes in and around Texas, but explores how the Spanish, French and Americans related to the Native Americans, particularly with the Comanche. Chapters in the book include "The Varied Population of Texas," "The Republic of Texas," "Johnny Parker: Warrior & Land Owner," and "Texas Indian Policy." Several chapters are devoted to the members of the Parker family who were taken captive: some of them were traded to other tribes. In time, Cynthia Ann Parker became the wife of a chief named Peta Nocona; her son, Quanah Parker, also became a Comanche chief.

The Texas Comancheria The author examines how Cabeza de Vaca, Desoto, La Salle and others tried their best to lay claim to portions of the Texas territory, including their tribulations and failures. Also discussed are the Pike and Philip Nolan expeditions. Early establishment of military forts and Spanish missions are examined along with successful and failed attempts at mapping and colonizing this large territory. The author explains trading and fighting relationships between the Comanche and other Native American tribes in New Mexico and the Southern Plains, including the bonds they made with the Kiowa and Arikara.

Addendum 1, "The Taking of Indian Lands," explains how Native Americans lost much of the land awarded to them. Addendum 2 outlines the events during the Indian Peace Commission of 1867 plus a list of tribal attendees.

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